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BST Japan provides solutions for e-commerce shipments

With the booming of E-commerce in China since 2015, the e-commerce trade between China and Japan has experienced rapid growth. In 2016, the cross-boarder e-commerce sales is expected to reach RMB512.5 billion and potentially RMB1.1 trillion in total. Cosmetics, personal care products, beauty apparatus, heath care products and snacks are the most popular goods for Chinese consumers.

BST Japan office saw the development of e-commerce as a trend for the demand on airfreight capacity, and started to integrate resources to support the transportation of e-commerce shipments from Japan to China. Now BST Japan can arrange shipments from Japan to Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou with B2B,B2B2C,B2C models and extend services into inland cities like Xi’an, Guiyang and Chongqing.

BST Japan also established its own customs bonded warehouse of 1000 square meters, which is located 10 minutes from Narita International Airport. The warehouse has systems and facilities for storage, cleaning, sorting, repacking, as well as customs clearance to ensure the quick and smooth transfer of the e-commerce shipments.

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