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Navitrans / BST Logistics to operated chartered flights from Chile to China

As November to January being the best season for Chilean cherries, there’s a big demand on moving shipments from Chile to China. However, the flying time and ground handling service are essential in keeping the fruits fresh.

BST/NAVITRANS successfully operated 2 chartered flights per week from Chile last year, moving fresh Chilean cherries and blueberries into the Chinese market. The short flying time ensured that fresh cherries were delivered to Chinese consumers who were very concerned about the quality and safety of the fruits.

Chilean cherry has grown into a hugely craved product in China, and in response to the forthcoming cherry season, BST/NAVITRANS is gearing up to meet the higher demand into the

Chinese market. Operated by B747-8F all cargo freighters, BST/NAVITRANS will move the shipments with care and speed with the total volume expected to surpass last season’s by around 38 to 40 percent.

According to the Chilean Exporters Association, a total of 100,000 tons of cherries exported to different markets, with a year-on-year 37.6 percent increase, when a total of 81% of the shipments are going to Asian market, especially China.

Chile has been positioning China as the main destination market for Chilean fruit in Asia. This year, there is also a greater volume and therefore very positive prospects considering that demand for cherries increases for the Chinese New Year.

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