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Navitrans’ business partner HAE Group joined Intermodal South America introducing our air transporta

Navitrans’ business partner, South America region GSSA HAE Group joined Intermodal South America earlier this month presenting Navitrans’ Air Logistics Solutions to LATAM market.

HAE Group is a global air cargo services provider with rich experiences offering GSSA services. With its help, more clients can benefit from our solutions to fulfill the growing demand to move commodities from China to South America. During the 3-day event, HAE Group introduced Navitrans’ network as well as our China-LATAM solutions to the potential customers.

The Intermodal South America show is a 3 day event held from 4th April to the 6th April 2016 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This event showcases products like presence of logistics solutions and services, transport services and products, trade services and products and allied products and services. It is an international exhibition for logistics, transport, cargo and international trade. It succeeds in getting international brands, such as HAE Group visibilty on the LATAM stage. The event is well known for portraying the best strategies to grow and develop Air freight and logistics brands.

It draws in more than 550 professional exhibitors, from over 22 countries all across the globe. Some of the main items of exhibit at the show are freight transportation systems, airlines services, planning and consultancy services, road transportation equipments, security accessories and inland port services. Ecommerce facilities, forwarding agent services, packaging solutions, shipping lines, cargo handling tools, warehousing services, tanks, dredging services and maintenance equipments are also showcased here. Several noted companies come to exhibit their products at the show, including HAE Group and Navitrans.


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