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Our History


We upgraded our freighter operation, we wet lease (ACMI) the biggest aircraft freighter in the world B747-8F to launch the route JFK-HHN-GYD-CGO-PVG-ORD-JFK. This RTW (Round-the-World) route has connected 6 key gateways throughout North America (New York and Chicago), Europe (Frankfurt), Mid-Asia (Baku) and Far East (Zhengzhou and Shanghai) in nearly 36 hours. With the expansion of capacity through dedicated B747-8F aircraft, Navitrans broadened the range of services to meet importer's and exporter's needs all over the world.

We set up our new offices in New York and Chicago, as well as, we created a brand-new air freighter routing service, names “RTW” which is flying Round-the -World. The B747-400 freighter flies from New York, Frankfurt, Baku, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Chicago then, back to New York, connecting all of world.



We opened Branches in Moscow and Novosibirsk in Russia, it was successful to build up Sino-Russian scheduled flight routing.

Since we started cooperation with Air China Cargo, we have won great reputation in air cargo market in China, and meantime receive highly praise on our operational skills from Air China team. In 2010, we have greatly assisted Air China Cargo to obtain their schedule traffic rights for tech landing in OVB to maximize the freighter’s utilization and same time increase both side’s profit.

Since 2008, Navitrans has started charter operation with Air China Cargo from China to Europe and USA, till now we have operated 300 flights with average 3 flights to Europe and 1 flight to USA weekly. Besides we are also operating some project charters to all over the world through Air China Cargo.



Wet lease (ACMI) Tri-Star L011 aircraft to start India and Mid-East scheduled charter service from Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong well, Launched China-India and Mid-East Service.

Navitrans was officially founded in Shanghai, 2005, thus replacing the Sunshine Trans brand. With our emphasis on the charter market, Navitrans continued to grow and expand its business model. Our charter flight volume increased to 120 flights annually. We were now moving away from medium sized aircraft due to market demand and business growth. Medium sized aircraft were now being replaced by larger, more efficient aircraft such as B747 freighters and AN124’s. Our footprint now covered Europe, Africa and Russia. We were now well positioned in the China airfreight market cooperating with a number of international airlines, air charter brokers, as well as building an extensive portfolio of clientele involved in international air commerce.   



As we gained momentum and growth in the air cargo market, initially, as a successful air freight consolidator, we formulated a new business plan that included new offices in Europe, thereby increasing our global footprint. Our business model expanded and grew making us a world class Air Charter Service Provider.


In May of that year we chartered a B707 freighter, operating cargo charter flights from China to Dubai and other major destinations in the Middle East. Later on, that year, in October, we chartered a DC-30F freighter to launch long-term regular service from China to France.

We chartered a A300B4 freighter, on a long-term lease, beginning regular service from China to BRU and HHN. This service afforded our company the recognition and distinction of being one of the premier charter operators in the mainland China market, a distinction that we still hold today.  



We are the first Chinese company to create a Sino-Europe charter service using the IL76 from China to Germany. This was one of earliest Chinese charter services carrying commercial freight from China. In 2002, charter flight demand increased due to increasing market demand. With medium-sized freighter aircraft like IL76F, A300F and DC-10F, we started non-scheduled charter flight service from China to Europe, South-Asia, Mid-Asia and the Middle East. This new and innovative mode of commercial transportation was now in high market demand and we were there to satisfy this demand.

We entered the Chinese air cargo market in the 1990’s, initially named Sunshine Trans. At that time in China, air cargo was in it’s early stages, which gave our team time to develop and hone the professional skills needed to accommodate the tremendous growth of the air cargo industry in China. We established long term relationships with many of the major air carriers, giving us the advantage of securing sufficient space at competitive prices, necessary to build longstanding client relationships.


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